Exemplary Documents

Driving License

The driving License is among the most demanded document. Have you been through driving test a few times and failed? Its common knowledge that driving school test administrators are bent on making as many people as possible and fail because of the huge cost involved in taking the test. Most of the money goes into their pockets so they make you fail so that you will take the test again.

Worry no more. At Exemplary Documents we will validate your driving licence in one day and you can get on the road with confidence. You just have to answer a few questions from us. We can put the questions here because the questions are on a case by case basis. All we can tell you for now is “Worry no more” we will give you the license you deserve and which may have been long over due.

However for your interest and the interest of the community, we will give you the license only if we are convinced that you can drive and know basic traffic rules. We have our own way to find out.

Issued Same Day

Once you apply for your license, you get it within 24 hours. There is no waiting time before you get on the road.

Official records

Your license is introduced into the official database. You can use your license with absolute confidence all the time.


We give you the chance to get an international license so you do not have to make a license if you move to another country.


If your driving license had been withdrawn, we will clear it from the system before we issue you a new one.